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50 Best Supply Chain Blogs for Supply Chain News, Trends and Insights

Supply chain management is a complex topic that requires an understanding of important topics like sales and operations planning (S&OP), logistics, and inventory management.


As 2021 ends, we are realizing supply chain constraints throughout the world that are driving up prices and causing significant delays in some regions. Data shared in late 2021 by Zippia indicates that 94% of companies report not having full visibility of their supply chain. This lack of oversight and control can certainly lead to future vulnerabilities. 


Issues like globalization and the COVID-19 pandemic will only continue to impact companies across all industries, particularly driving changes in how manufacturers and suppliers deliver their goods to customers.


To help you navigate these challenges, we’ve rounded up this list of 50 of the best and most insightful supply chain blogs. Exploring news and perspectives across the industry is a good way to familiarize yourself with the perspectives of consultants, suppliers, executives, and other professionals throughout the world.


These 50 leading supply chain blogs offer an informative mix of blog articles, podcast episodes, and video content to help you strengthen your company’s supply chain strategy. 


The 50 supply chain blogs listed below are listed alphabetically; otherwise, they’re not rated or otherwise ranked in any way.


1. @ Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management


Chris Jacob Abraham runs the blog @ Supply Chain Management and is a senior consultant working on global supply chain issues in the technology industry. He covers many supply chain topics including continuous improvement, supply chain management, and strategy development. There have been few updates in recent years, but the archive has some excellent and well written articles that are well researched and include helpful charts and data tables. 


3 posts we like from @ Supply Chain Management:



2. Arkieva Supply Chain Link




S&OP software company Arkieva


The blog of S&OP software company Arkieva seeks to link the disciplines of supply chain and planning to explore important technologies and industry trends relevant to both. A new article is posted almost every week, and you’ll find discussions about inventory management, supply chain complexity, and forecasting models, among other relevant topics. This is an excellent resource for learning more about specific planning and supply chain strategies and techniques. 


3 posts we like from Arkieva Supply Chain Link:



3. Association for Supply Chain Management




The Association For Supply Chain Management (ASCM)


The Association For Supply Chain Management (ASCM) is a global organization that supports the development of innovative supply chain strategies. Their blog, called ASCM Insights, shares industry news and practical tips for driving improvements in any industry. They also co-host the reBOUND podcast with Supply Chain Management Review, and you can find the latest episodes and show notes on the blog as well. 


3 posts we like from the Association for Supply Chain Management:



4. Avetta




Avetta is a supply chain risk management software company


Avetta is a supply chain risk management software company that develops sustainable solutions for companies worldwide. They maintain an active blog that discusses diverse topics like contractor management and insurance. The primary theme of most posts is risk management, making this a useful resource for those looking to reduce supply chain risk through the use of software, technologies, and practices. 


2 posts we like from Avetta:



5. Chainalytics




supply chain consulting group Chainalytics


The blog of supply chain consulting group Chainalytics has some excellent articles that discuss forecasting and how to work with complex data sets. Their expertise lies in supply chain design and packaging optimization, giving readers an inside view into the latest developments in these spaces. You will also find some interesting articles about supply chain scaling and the importance of data modeling to improve decision making. 


3 posts we like from Chainalytics:



6. DC Velocity




DC Velocity


DC Velocity is a well-known publication that covers supply chain and logistics topics with a focus on management. In addition to regular supply chain news articles, the website also features four unique blogs written by staff and guest contributors. You’ll find a nice mix of content here covering everything from global logistics fundamentals to the latest warehouse automation technologies. 


3 posts we like from DC Velocity:



7. Fast Company




Fast Company


Fast Company is a popular magazine and online brand that covers the latest insights into modern business practices. They have an entire section dedicated to supply chain topics, with articles taking a deep dive into the latest trends and news within the sector. The blog articles are well-written and include insightful commentary about what these developments mean and how leaders can prepare their operations to reduce risk and enable growth. 


3 posts we like from Fast Company:



8. Flexis






Flexis is a supply chain software company based in Germany that has offices throughout the world. The blog from their website covers over 20 major supply chain topics including optimization, digitization, and intelligent planning. As expected, you’ll find many posts that discuss the benefits of software technologies and how to integrate these capabilities into your existing supply chain practices. 


3 posts we like from Flexis:



9. Global Supply Chain Law




Squire Patton Boggs


Squire Patton Boggs is a legal and consulting firm that works with clients around the world to develop more sustainable business practices. Their blog is dedicated to global supply chain law and has some unique content that covers the legal side of this industry. Important topics discussed on the Global Supply Chain Law blog include imports and exports, labor practices, and international regulations. 


3 posts we like from Global Supply Chain Law:



10. Green Supply Chain Network


Green Supply Chain Network


Green Supply Chain Network is an industry blog that features posts about supply chain networks (SCN), building operations, and logistics practices. There are some helpful posts that describe how specific techniques have been used to create green supply chain networks and improve energy efficiency. Sustainability is a core topic, and you can find a lot of interesting content by browsing the extensive blog archive. 


3 posts we like from Green Supply Chain Network:



11. IndustryStar






IndustryStar provides performance software and services that reinforce the concepts of an Agile Lean supply chain. According to the website, the mission of their blog is to provide “actionable insights from IndustryStar on ways to expedite, optimize, and de-risk your supply chain operations.” Many interesting topic categories are covered here including commercialization, fulfillment, and prototyping. 


3 posts we like from IndustryStar:



12. Let’s Talk Supply Chain




Let’s Talk Supply Chain (LTSC)


Let’s Talk Supply Chain (LTSC) is a multimedia website that shares audio, video, and blog content on the latest supply chain topics. The writers have tackled the latest trends affecting global business including COVID-19 economic recovery and recent supply chain disruptions. New articles are posted once or twice a week, and you can also view updates on YouTube and their other social media channels. 


3 posts we like from Let’s Talk Supply Chain:



13. Logility






Logility is a software company that focuses on digital supply chain solutions that enable sustainable business practices. The team at Logility has deep experience in leading technologies like machine learning and AI which they discuss in many of the blog articles. Recent blog posts have addressed topics like software security vulnerabilities and ethical business practices. 


3 posts we like from Logility:



14. Logistics Bureau




Logistics Bureau


Logistics Bureau is a leading supply chain and logistics consulting firm that services the Asia-Pacific region. They maintain an active blog that includes original articles and summaries of the video content from their YouTube channel. You’ll find a wealth of excellent tips and actionable advice within the blogs, including several that feature Q&A sessions for active learning. 


3 posts we like from Logistics Bureau:



15. Logistics Management





Logistics Management is a popular industry publication that also maintains an active and comprehensive website. The site offers industry news, blogs, and webcasts with supply chain and logistics stories from around the world. Contributors offer commentary devoted to macro industry trends that are shaping the nature of supply chains including new legislation and disaster recovery practices. 


3 posts we like from Logistics Management:



16. Logistics Viewpoints




Logistics Viewpoints


Logistics Viewpoints was created more than 10 years ago by ARC Advisory Group as a comprehensive online resource for the supply chain and logistics industry. Through this blog, the writers share insights into the latest trends with advice for manufacturers, carriers, and other logistics partners. There are also several contributing analysts that provide well-researched commentary on the state of the industry.


3 posts we like from Logistics Viewpoints:



17. Material Handling 24/7




Material Handling 24/7


Material Handling 24/7 is the online blog for Material Handling Product News magazine. Key sections of this digital magazine include “This Week in Material Handling,” “Featured Products,” and “Editors’ Picks.” You can also subscribe to their email newsletter for instant access to the latest blog posts, and you’ll find several new pieces posted to the site each day. 


3 posts we like from Materials Handling 24/7:



18. MIT Supply Chain






MIT hosts its supply chain innovation blog on the Medium platform and uses the space to share the latest ideas from academics and industry experts. Recent articles discuss topics like the Omicron COVID-19 variant and the impact of driver shortages on global supply chains. There are a few regular writers who contribute content here, and you’ll find the blog posts to be easily digestible and informative. 


3 posts we like from MIT Supply Chain:



19. MPO Customer Chain Control






MPO is an innovative supply chain orchestration software platform that manages inbound and outbound carrier flow. The blog covers topics like digital transformation, supply chain visibility, and control tower management. Several of the articles focus on the future of supply chains and how new technologies such as AI are transforming existing business practices.  


3 posts we like from MPO Customer Chain Control:



20. NFI Industries




NFI Industries


NFI Industries was founded in 1932 and continues to be a global leader in the logistics management space. With special expertise in supply chain solutions, distribution, and non-asset logistics, the company offers a lot of useful information on its blog. Recent articles include a 2022 outlook for intermodal transportation and an industrial real estate roundup of key developments from the past year. 


3 posts we like from NFI Industries:



21. Relex Solutions




Relex Solutions


Relex Solutions delivers retail optimization services through a dedicated software program. The Relex Solutions website includes an extensive library of content including blogs, reports, and whitepapers from a large list of expert contributors. This is a good place to search for concise summaries of complex supply chain topics like sustainability and food waste reduction. 


3 posts we like from Relex Solutions:



22. Roambee






Roambee is a supply chain intelligence and visibility platform that features real-time data and advanced analytics. The blog covers a mix of supply chain topics including shipment tracking, visibility, and monitoring. There are also some excellent case studies available that provide real-world examples of companies that are innovating in the supply chain space. 


3 posts we like from Roambee:



23. RFgen




RFgen Software


RFgen Software, a division of DataMAX Software Group, sells mobile barcoding and data collection solutions that are useful for warehousing and inventory management. Over 15 industries are featured on their blog, which discusses future trends like Industry 4.0 and mobile warehousing. New blogs are posted about once a month, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive upcoming articles as they’re released. 


3 posts we like from RFgen:



24. SCM Dojo




SCM Dojo


SCM Dojo was first launched as a blog in 2015 and has since grown into a leading industry resource with over 92,000 page views per month. The website features tools, books, courses, videos, and guides that discuss supply chain topics in detail. Blog content from SCM Dojo focuses on practical tips such as setting procurement KPIs and understanding the differences between purchasing and procurement. 


3 posts we like from SMC Dojo:



25. SCM Globe




SCM Globe


SCM Globe helps companies improve their supply chain modeling practices using their cloud-based software. Blog topics covered on the site include IoT, change management, and supply chain technology. A few new posts are released each month, touching on fundamental supply chain best practices and the latest news and developments being discussed by industry experts.


3 posts we like from SCM Globe:



26. SCM Talent Group




SCM Talent Group


SCM Talent Group is an executive search and recruiting firm that specializes in areas like strategic sourcing and operations. With an expectation for global talent shortages in several areas, this blog is a valuable resource for understanding effective strategies to find and retain quality employees. Additional topics covered on the SCM Talent Group blog include career development and interviewing skills. 


3 posts we like from SCM Talent Group:



27. Shipium






Shipium is a supply chain platform that is optimized for use in the e-commerce industry. The Shipium blog has company information and updates about important industry events taking place around the world. You’ll also find some interesting articles about e-commerce industry trends and how supply chain management and logistics services are being disrupted by new technologies. 


3 posts we like from Shipium:



28. Smarter with Gartner






Gartner is a global consulting firm that operates in over 100 countries and has a dedicated team of thousands of experts. The Smarter With Gartner blog highlights some of their best ideas with a focus on improving company performance. The site includes a variety of content such as webinars, articles, and guides that span everything from basic to expert-level topics. 


3 posts we like from Smarter with Gartner:



29. Sourcemap






Sourcemap provides a variety of supply chain applications and solutions to help businesses manage traceability, benchmarking, and other priorities. The blog features updates from prominent sources such as Fortune magazine and Harvard Business Review. This is a helpful resource for recent articles and news coverage of the supply chain industry.


3 posts we like from Sourcemap:



30. Spend Matters




Spend Matters


Spend Matters is a popular supply chain and procurement blog that discusses technology-based solutions to financial management in the supply chain industry. Topics covered by the site include contract management, category management, and vendor analysis. Some topics are reserved for visitors with a Pro membership that includes access to many more articles and resources on the website.  


3 posts we like from Spend Matters:



31. Supply Chain 24/7




Supply Chain 24/7


Supply Chain 24/7, from Peerless Media, shares news and articles that cover all major areas of the supply chain industry. Content from several Peerless publications is featured on this blog including Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management Review, and Modern Materials Handling. You can browse featured blog content on the company’s landing page and also sign up for their email newsletter for more frequent updates. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain 24/7:



32. Supply Chain Brain




Supply Chain Brain


Supply Chain Brain, from Keller International Publishing Corp., is a comprehensive multi-media website focused on all things supply chain management. They maintain a large library of video content with interviews and panel discussions from industry experts. You can also browse the numerous blogs discussing topics like logistics, data management, and supply chain planning.  


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Brain:



33. Supply Chain Digital





Supply Chain Digital is a completely digital experience covering the latest news, events, and ideas in the supply chain industry. The website discusses emerging trends such as Industry 4.0 and supplier sustainability along with other important topics. There is also a section of the website devoted to featured interviews with logistics and supply chain experts from around the world. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Digital:



34. Supply Chain Game Changer




Mike Mortson


Mike Mortson created the blog Supply Chain Game Changer as a platform for sharing his experiences working in the industry. He curates a list of “must-read” posts and other “hot topics” from his archives. You’ll also find additional resources on the site, such as an e-book library with information for improving supply chain processes and managing change effectively. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Game Changer:



35. Supply Chain Insights




Supply Chain Insights


Supply Chain Insights provides advisory, research, and speaking services for clients working to overcome supply chain challenges. The year 2022 will mark the 10-year anniversary of the company’s founding, and they will be hosting a global summit in September. In addition to insightful blog content, you can also find podcast episodes, webinars, and reports on Supply Chain Insights. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Insights:



36. Supply Chain Management Review




Supply Chain Management Review


Supply Chain Management Review is a recognized print magazine and online media company. The group has a wide scope and covers several business areas including 3PL, management, finance, and procurement. The blog is updated regularly and also features video content and podcast interviews with leading supply chain thought leaders. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Management Review:



37. Supply Chain Matters




Supply Chain Matters


Supply Chain Matters was founded by Bob Ferarri in 2008 and remains an important resource for consulting services and research materials. Some of the most popular blog categories on the site are global trade trends, industry-specific supply chain challenges, and supply chain technology. You’ll see a lot of discussion about trending topics and a series of posts following the latest Supply Chain Matters podcast episodes. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Matters:



38. Supply Chain Movement




Supply Chain Movement (SCM)


Supply Chain Movement (SCM) is a quarterly publication intended for the European market. Supply chain topics and issues from throughout the world are discussed as a means to share best practices and promote new ideas. Many of the blog posts discuss supply chain industry trends such as S&OP implementation, supply shortages, and automated manufacturing. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Movement:



39. Supply Chain Nation (Blue Yonder)




Blue Yonder


Blue Yonder sells the supply chain management platform Luminate that is recognized as a competitive solution in the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS) spaces. Their blog, called Supply Chain Nation, offers in-depth discussions of popular supply chain topics with a focus on sharing executive insights. They also promote Diversity & Inclusion and feature a dedicated category devoted to the topic.


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Nation:




40. Supply Chain Now




Supply Chain Now


Supply Chain Now is a digital media company that hosts virtual events, podcasts, and blog content from the supply chain space. The main feature of the blog is a weekly breakdown of important industry news and developments. These posts often include interviews with video or audio content that provide an in-depth understanding of the major issues and opportunities in the industry.   


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Now:



41. Supply Chain Planning (ToolsGroup)






ToolsGroup is a supply chain planning software program that provides various solutions like demand planning, forecasting, and inventory optimization. The blog features topics like machine learning and S&OP while also discussing recent industry news. You can also easily subscribe to their email newsletter to receive the latest articles directly to your email inbox. 


3 posts we like from Supply chain Planning:



42. Supply Chain Precision


Supply Chain Precision


Supply Chain Precision is a demand planning and supply chain management platform. Based out of the UK, the company has a unique view of global supply chains from the perspective of European markets. In addition to company updates, you’ll also find blogs covering important industry topics like inventory management, forecasting, and capacity planning.


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Precision:



43. Supply Chain Shaman




Supply Chain Shaman


Supply Chain Shaman is the blog of enterprise strategist Lora Cecere, who also maintains active Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Lora has many publications available through her website or Amazon, and the blog is regularly updated with new posts. Recent topics include digital supply chains, analytics, and demand planning. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Shaman:



44. Supply Chain Secrets


Supply Chain Secrets


Supply Chain Secrets is hosted by Rob O’Byrne, the CEO of Logistics Bureau Group, and he uses the platform to share his personal experiences and knowledge. The blog has a nice mix of interviews, guides, and videos to keep you engaged with supply chain topics like freight management and benchmarking best practices. He also delivers unique insights to help you improve your supply chain practices through a series of vlogs. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Secrets:



45. Supply Chain Today




Supply Chain Today


Supply Chain Today is a popular blog that covers supply chain management topics and news.  The blog design is simple and easy to read with browsable categories like automation, continuous improvement, and last-mile logistics. Several new blogs are posted each week, and you’ll also find more general business advice on topics like leadership and innovation. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Today:



46. Supply Chain Trend


Supply Chain Trend


Supply Chain Trend discusses the supply chain and S&OP ecosystem with a focus on business planning and forecasting. The creator of the blog, Niels Van Hove, shares key learnings from his many years of experience and writes about the challenges facing supply chain leadership. You’ll also find links to past magazines and publications with articles written by Neil. 


3 posts we like from Supply Chain Trend:



47. Tecsys






Tecsys was founded in 1983 and provides several different digital supply chain solutions and services. The company maintains an active blog with new articles posted weekly on topics like warehousing, ERP, and last-mile delivery. You’ll find articles focused on supply chain news and trends in healthcare, retail, distribution, and other industries.  


3 posts we like from Tecsys:



48. The Balance SMB




The Balance Small Business (SMB)


The Balance Small Business (SMB) is a digital publication that has been around for more than 20 years and maintains an archive of thousands of articles. This blog explores logistics and supply chain management topics with a focus on global business practices. The website is modern and has quick-access tabs to major categories like strategic management, supply chain basics, and supply chain software. 


3 posts we like from The Balance SMB:



49. The Signal (Kinaxis)




Kinaxis is an Agile


Kinaxis is an Agile concurrent supply chain planning platform that serves a large market of industries across the globe. The name of their blog is The Signal, and the goal of the site is to provide clear and practical insights into topics that really matter. Recent articles have featured discussions on computer chip shortages, scenario planning, and supply chain agility.  


3 posts we like from The Signal:



50. WSI Supply Chain Solutions




WSI Supply Chain Solutions


WSI Supply Chain Solutions is a massive logistics provider with multiple services such as fulfillment, distribution services, and transportation. This is an excellent blog to follow for updates on 3PL news and some of the latest technologies and practices being deployed in the fulfillment space. You can also browse updates from WSI leadership discussing the state of the industry and how new trends will influence the future of supply chain management. 


3 posts we like from WSI Supply Chain Solutions:



These 50 informative blogs represent some of the best resources for staying up to date and ahead of the curve on the latest supply chain trends and news. Whether you’re looking for insights focused on a specific industry or broad supply chain and logistics news, you’ll find an informative blog on this list.