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An Insider’s Debrief of SAPinsider 2023

By Clay Thomas, Principal, Argano

Last month Argano attended SAPinsider, which featured global experts and leaders in the SAP Community coming together and discussing challenges, opportunities, and the latest trends in digital transformation. One topic that came up repeatedly was that, to realize maximum value, organizations need to take a streamlined, strategic approach to digital transformation.

Lloyd Adams, President of SAP North America, kicked off the event as a keynote speaker and addressed the audiences about “empowering the human side of digital transformation.” Adams cited a Boston Consulting Group study, which found that as many as 70% of organizations attempting digital transformation fail due to overcomplication. Adams’ point: when it comes to digital transformation, doing too much too fast without a clear strategy is a recipe for disaster. Instead, organizations should focus on the human element and change management to drive value.

Closing keynote speaker, Chang-Hyun Ko, focused his discussion on effective team performance. Leveraging his background in educational psychology and experience in the esports industry, Ko stated that a common assumption about building an effective team is that having passion and being goal-driven is enough to ensure success. While these attributes are important, it is the ability to harness the team’s collective team energy to fuel innovation that is the “key.”

The common thread throughout SAPinsider? Success in digital transformation hinges on having the right tools, the right team, and the right plan. So — how can you get there?

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